"Being with Taryn is like being with your best friend, your most trusted confidant. She has this innate ability to reflect back your own genius, strength and light when you have forgotten it most. The first time I met Taryn, I knew she was special. She was leading a woman’s circle right after the recent election and the collective energy of the group was fear and sadness. She honored where everyone was at and made sure that each woman felt heard and held. I had just moved to the area and didn’t know anyone and yet immediately felt embraced because of her. I left the circle feeling hopeful and loved.

I have worked with Taryn privately and have attended her weekly circles and both experiences have been impactful. The one on one work encouraged me to step into my power in a way I never had. She embodies the very unique balance of strength and softness which is deeply inspiring. Her ability to lead you through meditation to take you out of your head and into the heart is quite a talent as well. This was another layer that kept me coming back for more. I have been dealing with a debilitating illness for some time which was leading me into the darker corners of my soul. Our work together helped me shine light on the good and really supported me in getting back to a place of gratitude and hope. 

Her weekly women’s circles are really special. She has this amazing way of creating a space where you feel safe to share your deepest, sometimes darkest, truths. Often times in these groups, there is a tendency to censor and hold back because of a fear of being judged but Taryn creates a space that feels safe to share in the most authentic way possible. She is a gem and a true inspiration and I cannot recommend working with her enough. Being in her vortex is deep, healing, powerful medicine and unlike anyone I have yet to meet and I am eternally grateful our paths have crossed. She came into my life at the exact perfect time and I could not be more thankful.”

- Prema Jen Posner 

Taryn Longo