Clients who come to me often come because something in them is ready to change. Sometimes there is a piece of them that feels missing, sometimes there are past experiences still held within them that have gone unprocessed and therefore continue to cause pain, sometimes they are not able to fully show up in their worlds, they do not know how to access and own that truly authentic part of themselves.

Support precedes change, so oftentimes what clients need before moving forward is to be witnessed and validated, they need someone to hold their process and care for them as they face their deeper challenges. People need space to share their life experiences, as well as reflection that helps them understand better what the impact has been on their psyche. Once that happens, that thing that's screaming inside of them to be heard is able to settle and they can step through it. 

All of our experiences are a pathway to our true self; there is so much to be learned and integrated along the way. During our work together, lights start to switch on that were off, pieces of yourself that haven’t yet been accessed step forward. When we allow ourselves to feel the depth of our humanity while also experiencing the expansiveness of our true spirit, this is where the magic begins. 



Each session begins with a custom-tailored meditation, when appropriate, unique to your specific needs. This helps you to fully arrive and connect with where you are in the moment while allowing your true voice to take the seat during the session. As you share, I facilitate the process of discovery by hearing the deeper meaning behind your words and bringing them to light for you. This is often an exciting, fun and calming experience, even when it is hard, because you gain insight into your own inner landscape, learning to better hear and trust your intuition and authentic voice. 

We end with a final meditation to help assimilate the core teachings of the session and allow you to more fully feel your power, your essence, and to carry you into your life. In between sessions I encourage you to write to me, reach out about your process, to allow me to keep supporting you. I keep the consistency of our connection whether we are in or out of session.


Sessions are always customized to your specific and evolving needs. Some commonly covered topics include:

• Unpacking past experiences that have caused pain

• Working with old patterning 

• Support in finding and voicing your authentic self

• Emotional support during challenging times 

• Navigating the complexities of relationships

• Life transition

• Pregnancy + Motherhood

• Support for Birth and Non-birth outcomes