While pregnancy can be a time of joy and excitement, it can also be a time of anxiety, uncertainty and an overload of outside opinion.

Even if this is not your first pregnancy, we can often carry imprints from prior pregnancies. My work is to help you navigate past and current influences

in order to help you feel clear and confident in your decisions and to truly participate and own the transformative experience of pregnancy.

If you're concerned you're at risk for post-partum depression, this offering is especially effective preventative measure.

Acting as your support for the full extent of your pregnancy and the 2 months after, during this time we will explore topics such as:


  • Navigating fears that come up during pregnancy and working with and transforming anxiety
  • Filtering through outside influence to get to the core of your truth
  • Minimizing the risks of postpartum depression
  • Developing a strong connection to your baby and nurturing that connection
  • Looking deeply at your relationship with your mother and how it has influenced your ideas and fears surrounding pregnancy, birth, and motherhood
  • Clearing previous experiences of a pregnancy loss or traumatic or disempowered births
  • Creating your birth vision
  • Working closely with your doula and partner to ensure your birth is fully supported
  • Working with your partner to ensure they feel confident in their role and feel fully supported as well - joint sessions with partner available