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We’ve all experienced that innate knowing when something needs to change, but we’re not quite sure what or how. Perhaps it comes to us during a time of significant transition; other times we simply realize that we're tired of playing small and are ready to be seen. This is where I come in.

A long-time New Yorker, my approach is straightforward and deep, eliminating any fluff or pretension that can be common in this field. I come to my work with extensive training from both New York and India in meditation, inner yoga, group facilitation, women's empowerment work, and birth work.

Unravelling of the layers that hide the true essence of our humanity has been a running current throughout my adulthood. I first began exploring this theme a visual artist, and then as a co-founder of an internationally acclaimed women’s movement, through which I worked with thousands of women around the world. Now based in Ojai, CA, I continue to dive deeper through circles, events, one-on-one sessions, and birth work. Women's empowerment is a theme that’s endlessly inspiring to me, aligning both my personal and professional lives, and culminating in a deep integrity that stands as a cornerstone of my work.

Whether in circle, session or elsewhere, I am known for being able to hold an unbreakable container, no matter the depth of the content that arises. And in all of my work, clients learn to empower themselves from the inside; to own who they truly are, and to courageously hold their dark while finding and shining their light.

If this stirs something inside of you, please do reach out. 

So much love,



"Being with Taryn is like being with your best friend, your most trusted confidante. She has this innate ability to reflect back your own genius, strength and light when you have forgotten it most." - Prema Jen Posner